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Master Hilarion

The Great White Brotherhood is also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, Brotherhood of The White Temple, Great White Lodge, Universal White Brotherhood of Light, Cosmic Hierarchy, Intergalactic Confederation and Federation of Light. So, who or what is this spiritual hierarchy?

The world of spirit operates on hierarchy based on the degree of evolution of each soul. The ultimate goal for all creatures is to be reunited with God through a long cycle of reincarnation and purification.

Spirits who reach a level of purity which does not require them to incarnate (called Fifth initiation) aare the so called “Ascended Masters”, Spiritual Hierarchy, Elders of The Race and The Great White Brotherhood. (The term white is indicative of their brightness and pure light that makes their energy bodies). The Ascended Masters are responsible for the evolution of mankind along seven specific planetary rays. Each ray has a ruler, a Lord or Chohans of that particular ray (also called Aspects of the Creator), with Sanat Kumara being the esoteric name for the Ruler of our solar system, or Ruler of all Rays (the rays are called the attributes of the Creator”). The Solar Hierarchy is the esoteric name for God or all that is, for it rules the entire solar system.

The Spiritual hierarchy, is however composed of spirits of varying degrees of evolution; marked by their esoteric initiations (the highest is the seventh).   The Adepts have taken the fourth initiation (also called the Renunciation because they are still bound by the duty or rebirth), the Ascended Masters who have taken the Fifth Initiation ( or Ascension), the Chohans  (who have taken the Sixth Initiation), and the Lord Maitreya (or the Messiah who has taken the Seventh Initiation). We are all on the path to Ascension because the ultimate goal of all Monads (Divine sparks) is to be reunited with God.

The rulerships of the rays are divided thus according to Theosophy:

  1)  First Ray (also called Divine Will) or The Brotherhood of The Diamond Heart

      Archangel Michael

      The Manu (Vaivasvata Manu) who watches over the work of this first ray.

      El Morya as the chohan.

 Master El Morya’s Incarnations:

a) Abraham,

b) Melchior,

c)    c) King Arthur

   d) King Richard the Lionhearted

d) Thomas Becket,

e)    f) Sir Thomas More

f)    g) Akbar the Great,

g)    h) Thomas Moore,

h)    i) El Morya Khan, Rajput Prince of India


  2) Ray Two -- Second Ray (Love/Wisdom) also called The Brotherhood of The Golden Robe

      Archangel Jophiel

      Lord Maitreya supervises the ray

       Mahdi, The Bodhisattva

      Kuthumi as the chohan

  Master Kuthumi Incarnations:

a) Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III

b)    b) Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses

c)    c) Pythagoras

d)    d) Balthazar

e)    e) Saint John

f)    f) Saint Francis of Assisi

g)    g) Saint Martin de Porres

h)    h) Emperor Shah Jahan,

i)    i) Kuthumi Lal Singh

Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan, spirit control of Alice Bailey)

  The Tibetan’s Incarnations:

  a) Confucius

  b) Caspar


  3) Ray Three -- (Active Intelligence, third aspect of the Trinity)

      Archangel Chamuel

      The Mahachohan as supervisor

       Paul The Venetian

Serapis Bey as Chochan

  Master Seraphis Bey Incarnations:  

a) Pharaoh Amenophis III

  b) Phidias,

  c) King Leonidas


  4) Fourth Ray (Harmony through Conflict)

      Archangel Gabriel

      Master Paul as chohan  (not to be confused with Paul the Venetian)

  5) Fifth Ray (Scientific Knowledge) also called The Brotherhood of Truth

      Archangel Raphael

      Pallas Athena

      Ascended Master Hilarion, as chohan, he is responsible for the scientific and technological development of humanity

  Master Hilarion’s incarnations:  

a) Hilarion ( a scientist in an ancient Atlantean life)

  b) Plato

  c) John the evangelist

  d) Saint Paul

  e) Iamblichus

  f) Saint Hilarion,

Master Markco who works with Master Hilarion

  6) Sixth Ray (Devotion and Abstract Idealism)

      Archangel Uriel

      Jesus as the Chohan (

  Jesus’ Incarnations:

  a) Adam)

  b) Enoch

b) Melchizedek

  d) Joseph, son of Jacob,

   e) Joshua,

  f) Asaph,

   g) Jeshua,

i) Zend,

 i) Jehoshuah  or Jeshua),

j) Apollonius of Tyana

   7) Seventh Ray (Freedom, Transmutation, Ceremonial Order, the Violet Flame)

      Archangel Zadkiel

      Master Rakoczi or  Saint Germain as the Chohan.

  Saint Germain’s Incarnations:

  a)  Samuel the Prophet

c) Saint Joseph

d)    c) Proclus

e)    d) Merlin,

f)    e) Roger Bacon

   f) Christian Rosenkreutz,

g) Paracelsus,

  h) Christopher Columbus

   i) Sir Francis Bacon,


From “The Masters and the Path” by Leadbeater

“There is much direct and recent evidence for the existence of these Great Ones. In my earlier days I never needed any such evidence, because I was fully persuaded as a result of my studies that there must be such people. To believe that there were such glorified Men seemed perfectly natural, and my only desire was to meet Them face to face Yet there are many among the newer members of the Society who, reasonably enough, want to know what evidence there is. There is a considerable amount of personal testimony. Madame Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott, the co-founders of The Theosophical Society, Dr. Annie Besant, our present President, and I myself-- all of us have seen some of these Great Ones, and many other members of the Society have also been privileged to see one or two of Them, and there is ample testimony in what all these people have written.

     It is sometimes objected that those who saw Them, or fancied that they did so, may have been dreaming or perhaps deluded. The chief reason, I think, for the possibility of such a suggestion is that we have very rarely seen the Adepts at a time when both They and we were in our physical bodies. In the early days of the Society, when only Madame Blavatsky had developed higher faculties, the Masters not infrequently materialized Themselves so that all could see Them, and showed Themselves thus physically on various occasions. You will find many records of such happenings in the earlier history of our Society, but of course the Great One so showing Himself was not in His physical body, but in a materialized form.

 Many of us habitually and constantly see Them during our sleep. We go out in our astral bodies (or in the mental body, according to our development) and we visit Them and see Them in Their physical bodies; but we are not at that time in ours, and that is why on the physical plane people tend to be sceptical about such experiences. Men object: “But in these cases either you who saw Them were out of the physical body, and may have been dreaming or deluded, or Those who appeared to you came phenomenally and then disappeared again; so how do you know that They were what you suppose Them to be?”

There are a few cases in which both the Adept and the person who saw Him were in the physical body. It happened with Madame Blavatsky; I have heard her testify that she lived for some time in a monastery in Nepal, where she saw three of our Masters constantly in Their physical vehicles. Some of Them have come down more than once from Their mountain retreats into India in Their physical bodies. Colonel Olcott spoke of having seen two of Them on those occasions; he had met the Master Morya and also the Master Kuthumi. Damodar K. Mavalankar, whom I knew in 1884, had encountered the Master Kuthumi in His physical body. There was the case of S. Ramaswami Iyer, a gentleman whom I knew well in those days, who had the experience of meeting the Master Morya physically, and has written an account of that meeting which I shall quote later; and there was the case of Mr. W. T. Brown of the London Lodge, who also was privileged to meet one of the Great Ones under similar conditions. There is also a vast amount of Indian testimony which has never been collected and sifted, mainly because those to whom these experiences came were so thoroughly persuaded of the existence of Supermen and of the possibility of meeting Them that they did not regard any individual case as worthy of record. “

The Great White Brotherhood

by Simon c. Godwin



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