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channeling Archangel Michael
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Archangel Michael

Introduction by Simon C. Godwin - June 2011 -

For many months the messages, symbols and universal whispers that I received changed slightly in their tone and content, and there has was a subtle shift in the energies that permeate the physical world in which we live and work. It was within the context of this that a new window of realization into the workings of karma was opened itself up to me. It was also responsible for the opening up of a new telepathic channel in the form of the vibrational pattern of Archangel Michael, who has always been my guardian and spirit protector.

It is also interesting for me to note that Archangel Michael has more recently been helping me, together with El Morya, with the personal channelings that I work on for others, in particular the past life soul evolution channelings which contain a large amount of karmic information specific to the soul in question.

I hope that you gain as much benefit as I have from the teachings of this new source, and that my own modest contribution may in some way be of practical assistance to you in your daily life.

Karma the chameleon
Karma, ascension and The Bridge
the Archangel Michael channelings
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL CHANNELING Money Matters and Matters of Money

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